Private USPS Approved Mailboxes in Wailuku

  • Postage
  • Priority Mail Services
  • Registered & Return Receipt
  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Insurance
  • Stamps


Are you someone in need of a mailbox in Wailuku, Maui? A Wailuku mailbox offers convenience, privacy and security for your mail and packages. Business ETC has private USPS approved mailboxes available for rent in the Central Wailuku area.

There are several benefits to renting a mailbox from Business ETC:

Security – We offer safe and secure pickup for your packages.

Privacy – Your Wailuku mailbox is private – we don’t disclose to others that you have a mailbox;

Added Services – We’ll accept and sign for all your packages so they stay off your front porch where they could be exposed to bad weather, or even stolen. Business ETC offers a safe and secure pickup for your packages with our mailboxes.

Safety – For you and your family – if you have a business and don’t want customers showing up at your house, protect your family with a private Maui mailbox rental at Business ETC.

Professional Appearance – renting private mailboxes in Wailuku, Maui at Business ETC means you have a street address, not a P.O. Box. Many people view post office boxes as meaning your business is not long-term, or established. Private Wailuku mailboxes at Business ETC show a street address for a professional appearance, AND you would be able to claim your Places Page from Google Maps!